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Welcome to Team Tooke Martial Arts Academy, the no nonsense, real deal, mixed martial arts gym with classes and programs for all ages and experiences. Whether you want to get competition-ready for jiu jitsu or would like to enroll your children in a program that keeps them active while encouraging discipline, Team Tooke Martial Arts Academy will help you achieve your goal.
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Our mixed martial arts classes are more than just self-defense. They're a total-body workout that helps you get in shape. Our trainers know how to build strength and endurance in a safe and healthy manner to avoid and prevent injury.

We're world class

The professional trainers and coaches at Team Tooke Martial Arts Academy are simply some the best around. They've worked with world class fighters and UFC members to win titles, competitions, and shape great athletes. Come in today to meet them for yourself!

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Call or visit us today to meet our trainers, try an intro class, and receive a complimentary goal analysis that will put you on the path to success! Reach us with a message, by calling (281) 955-7300, or visiting our gym on Grant Road in Houston.
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